Andrew Sando, CEO of AHSA, said the group is still negotiating fair agreements with hospitals that address consumer concerns about accessibility and value. Teachers Health recently called Healthscope`s decision to denounce the agreement on its members “irresponsible and ruthless.” This agreement with the Healthscope Hospital Group means that we can continue to support our members at Healthscope`s 42 private hospitals across Australia. It also means that you don`t pay extra from your pocket for benefits in your insurance coverage if you are admitted to a Healthscope hospital. If no agreement is reached and you want the same specialist to treat you after that date, ask if they can do so in another hospital (okay). Yes, you can. If no new agreement is reached, you can still claim a Healthscope hospital bill, but you may have a higher out-of-pocket cost than in a contract hospital (after June 8, 2020). Hello CarolynWe have been negotiating with Healthscope for a few weeks, but they have not been able to agree on the terms of our agreement with them. We believe that the proposed terms are… Read also “We are proud to be the Teachers` health fund and the educational community, and we are truly inspired by the commitment and resilience they have shown in recent months.” If you opt for a health hospital, or another non-contract hospital, we always pay a benefit for your hospital bill, but it is limited to no less than 85% of the average amount for the same treatment. This means that you could have significant out-of-pocket costs.

I have been in The Australian Unit for 18 years. I rarely needed health insurance. I tried to sue and they paid a total of $171.20. It was after twice that I was told that I would be treated before the procedure. I spoke today with 3 different representatives and received 3 different amounts that they would have paid. We gave three different reasons and said the whole lot has already been paid. They even tried to say that they paid for the medicare schedule. Completely incompetent.