16.2. Service changes. We have the right, at our sole discretion, to review, update or modify the Services or change your access to the Services; and for any significant changes, if reasonably possible, we will provide you with an appropriate message either on the website hosting the Services or at the administrator`s email address (as defined below). Note that we can change the storage space you have, as well as the number of times (and maximum time) for which you can access services for a given period of time. In the event that we have to maintain system security or comply with laws or regulations, we reserve the right to modify services without delay and to send an electronic or written notification to the administrator within 30 days of substantial changes. You can refuse to change the Services by reviewing the use of the services to which these changes relate. Your continued use of the Services is your consent and consent to such changes. 17.3. For other users.

As an additional user, if you sign up to access an account for which you are not an administrator, you understand that you are accessing the service as an additional user and that you may not have the same level of access or rights as an administrator. Depending on the types of rights granted by the administrator, you can delete, copy or view other users` content and data. Make sure you have an agreement with the administrator about your role and rights. When an administrator closes or leaves access to a service, additional users can no longer access that service or any of the content of that service. As an additional user, you understand that if you violate this Agreement, your access to our services may be interrupted and we reserve the right to terminate access to other users of the same account. 16.1. Float. Float is an online solution for businesses to perform cash flow forecasts and related tasks via an online account (one Float account each). Each Float account can be used to support multiple businesses and each company must have its own subscription (see 18 below). If you`re looking for a credit you can understand, you`re in good hands. Here at Cashfloat, we avoid mysterious clauses and complex terminology and clearly explain how your credit works. If you have any questions, contact our customer service – we`ll be happy to help! What do you see? Now apply for a cashfloat loan.

This agreement outlines the terms of use of Float online services provided to you on this site (floatapp.com) and all other sites we control and operate in relation to Float online services, including content, updates and new publications (together “services”). It contains as a reference: Send an example of a floating charging format used by your own organization to share with the mango community. One of the best features of a cashfloat loan is the prepayment option. Of course, we won`t charge you a penny if you want to pay off an amount of your credit as soon as you want. This form lists all payments made since the previous top-up as the basis for the next top-up requirement. Use it every time you want to charge your small car so that the signatories know what the money was spent on before withdrawing more money from the bank.